Oil Change Service in Wilmington, NC

Whenever you see that oil change dashboard light on your car, its always crucial to take it to your local dealership for an auto service appointment. Gain more insight into the oil change process below and also learn ways to know when its time for your car's oil change.

Why Oil Changes are Important

Replacing old oil with new oil helps increase your car's performance when on the road. Oil helps keeps major parts of your car, including the engine, up and running and also keeps the said engine from overheating. Be sure to keep an eye on how many miles you drive since every oil change interval usually occurs every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. 

Its very necessary to get your car's oil changed whenever you see a service light appear on the dashboard because if you neglect an auto service, the engine and other parts of a car will drastically drop in quality. Dirt, water or tiny pieces of metal come in contact with your car's oil and can prevent the lubricant from doing its job properly. 

Head to Matthews Motors Wilmington for an Oil Change

Bring your car to Matthews Motors Wilmington in Wilmington, NC to get your oil change taken care of. Let our proficient auto service mechanics diagnose your car and provide the right oil to keep its performance substantial for many miles to come. Click our schedule service button to get started if its about time for an oil change.

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