Bankruptcy Auto Loans in Wilmington, NC

At Matthews Motors in Wilmington, we believe bankruptcy is not an ugly word. In fact, for many people bankruptcy means a fresh start. The opportunity to start over with their finances, and begin building to a better financial future. Here at Matthews Motors we want to help you achieve that future. We have over 10 years of experience helping thousands of people to buy a car in chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy.  

Many people do not know that replacing your car while in bankruptcy can actually help you rebuild your credit. We want to help you re-establish yourself financially by helping you buy a car while in bankruptcy. Call us at 910-294-5885 and ask to speak to one of our bankruptcy financing specialists about how we can help you get financed today.  

Why buy a car in bankruptcy? 

People often ask: Can I buy a car in bankruptcy? The answer is YES. However, why should you buy a car in bankruptcy? The first reason is simply that everyone needs wheels, and it is possible depending on your bankruptcy case that you only have a short period to get a new car or forfeit your current one. The second reason though, is that replacing your car can really help you to rebuild your credit. 

Many people do not know that deciding to replace your car while in an open bankruptcy case is one of the best ways to re-establish your credit. Buying a car in bankruptcy can have several benefits, including: 
  • Eliminating negative equity in your current car
  • Providing an almost immediate boost to your credit of 30-40 points
  • Immediately establish a positive credit profile on the 3 main credit reports
  • Get you a car with better mpg to help you save extra money on gas​
We are experts in bankruptcy auto financing here at Matthews Motors in Wilmington. We have helped thousands of people buy a car in bankruptcy and rebuild their credit. It is their success stories that keep us passionate about helping people in bankruptcy to re-establish their finances by buying a car. Call us at 910-294-5885 and let us tell you how we can help you today. 

Why Matthews Motors of Wilmington? 

We have over a decade of experience helping people in open chapter 7 bankruptcy and open chapter 13 bankruptcy buy a car. 

In addition to our experience, we also have valuable partnerships with the biggest banks in the country that specialize in bankruptcy financing. This means that we can get you financed even if you are in open chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy. We also work with attorneys who specialize in bankruptcy in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. We keep up to date with changes in bankruptcy laws and regulations that could affect your ability to buy a car in bankruptcy, and we understand the process. 

Plus, most importantly, we have the right car for you! Thanks to our expansive inventory of used cars, trucks, and SUVs in Wilmington, we can find the best car for your financial situation. Our cars are quality, affordable, and have low mileage, which means we can get you financed even in bankruptcy.  

**Remember** Replacement must be done before your discharge! 

Call us today at 910-294-5885 and let us here at Matthews Motors in Wilmington help you buy a car in bankruptcy and begin to rebuild your credit. What are you waiting for? Speak to one of our incredible bankruptcy auto specialists today.

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